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SUP Lessons

sup lessons

Greg Renna is one of the few San Diego ACA certified Level 2 SUP Instructors, instructing basic and advanced SUP techniques. Greg is also American Red Cross CPR First Aid AED trained.

Students will be taught on an appropriate size SUP board for the client's size and skill level. Beginners and/or clients with large stature will typically be on an 11'6" x 32" size board, while smaller and medium size clients will likely be comfortable on a smaller SUP. We have SUP sizes from 14' to 9'. Our aim is for you to be comfortable, stable and, ultimately, have fun.

The best learning location in North County is the Carlsbad Lagoon Bayhsore Drive. This is where we teach our SUP 101 Intro to SUP. Ocean and surf SUP will be taught at various locations around North County San Diego depending on ability and conditions.

sup lessons

Stand Up Paddling 101 - SUP Lessons

Stand Up Paddling is one the best overall body workouts. You exercise muscles from shoulders to toes, everything in between, and mostly your core. Every Wednesday and Saturday morning at 8am on the Carlsbad Lagoon, beginner Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons are taught in a group setting. The course includes easy start methods, proper paddling technique, balance, core fitness, and in no time your on your feet paddling like you've done it for years. You'll be amazed at how quickly you'll "get it".

Classes are 1.5 hours in length consisting of 50 minutes of instruction, a small break, and 30 minutes of free paddling (with instructor).
Cost is $58 per person ($35pp for each person of the same group) based on groups of up to 8 people (need a minimum of 3).
Private lessons (one or two people) are available by appointment for $120.00
Sign up by calling 760.602.9767 or email us here.


Stand Up Paddling 201 - Ocean Paddling - by appointment

Learn how to paddle in the ocean. This course will teach paddlers how to paddle out through the waves and paddle along the coast.
1-3 people per group lesson.
$120 for one to two people
Sign up by calling 760.602.9767 or email us here.


Individual Lessons available for one or two paddlers by appointment - $120.00

Corporate or private group lessons available by appointment.
All Lessons and Classes are to be pre-paid and require a 24 hour cancelation to maintain full credit.

SUP Lesson FAQs

1. Will I fall off the SUP during the lesson? - Typically not during a SUP 101 Lesson. We start out on a nice, calm, flat water location.

2. What does the first SUP lesson include? - Your first SUP lesson will include a full 90 minutes of paddling time and all the equipment you'll need. We supply the board, paddle, PFD (if you prefer) and leash. For each SUP lesson, you'll start on the beach at Bayshore Drive in Carlsbad and learn about the equipment, proper forward stroke, where to stand on the board and how to start. You'll be on the SUP and paddling on no time, when you will then learn sweeping strokes and bracing. When you're ready, the instructor will turn you loose so you can paddle on your own.

3. Can I take my first SUP lesson on the ocean? - Typically, this is not a good idea. Ocean paddling is for advanced paddlers. That is not to say it can't be done, but in most cases paddling through the surf and open ocean is very difficult for beginners. We recommend you start on flat water for at least your first time, then pick a gentle calm day to ocean paddle for your first ocean paddling lesson or experience. We also suggest that your first ocean paddle be done with a guide/instructor.

4. Should I wear a wetsuit for my SUP lesson? - On flat water (lagoon, bay, harbor) you do not need to wear a wetsuit. You will get very hot and typically overheat wearing a wetsuit. Typically, you will not fall while paddling on flat water. In the ocean, we recommend you wear a wetsuit if the water is less than 65-68 degrees, because you are going to get wet.