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Carlsbad, Encinitas and Oceanside Kayaking

surf kayakingin Carlsbad and Encinitas, CA

At Paddle Planet, we provide you with everything for your kayaking needs. In addition to Ocean Kayaks, we have accessories to outfit your kayak for any activity you may want to use it for.

We have several models of Ocean Kayaks in store and can get any model to you within a week. Additionally, we carry several accessories manufactured by Ocean Kayak and other kayak accessory manufacturers. We support and carry products for kayak fishing, ocean kayak touring, and stay tuned for kayak diving and spear fishing services and products.

If your boat has gotten old over the years, we also offer repair services to make your kayak shiny and new again. We will soon be starting up tours and lessons for anyone who is new to kayaking and wants help getting started. Go to our online store and select kayaks or accessories to purchase and look at available items.

Options and Ideas for a Fun Day of Kayaking
Kayak Fishing - If you're looking to catch some fish on your next kayak excursion, we would be happy to accommodate you with all the accessories for the trip. We have special kayaks outfitted for all your kayak fishing needs, just ask!
Family Kayaking - If you're looking for a fun day for your family, we have tandem kayaks which can fit up to 3 people! The whole family can enjoy a leisure day swimming and paddling around either in the ocean or lagoon.
Surf Kayaking - Ride a few waves or spend a whole day surf kayaking in our special kayaks just for cutting through the waves and precision turning. You're sure to have a good time!