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This Planet is 70% Water

Paddle it.

Welcome to Paddle Planet

Paddle Planet is an all inclusive paddle sport company offering Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals, Lessons & Sales, and Kayak Rentals, Lessons & Sales. It might sound cliche, but, "We Are Not Like Any Other Paddle Board Store". At Paddle Planet we go beyond the typical 'sale' of an SUP or Kayak product.

Paddle Planet offers the finest quality paddle boards and kayaks - Naish, Starboard, Amundson, Kings Paddle Sports, Riviera, TAVA, Focus, BIC Sport, Surftech, Bark, Brusurf and Ocean Kayak. All are carefully selected to be the best value available, covering a full spectrum of experience levels and customer budgets. For those who may need help choosing a Paddle Board or Kayak, we offer the "Try It'n Buy it Program". We believe a customer should have the opportunity to try a Paddleboard or Kayak, prior to purchasing. In that spirit, we provide a variety SUP and Kayak demos and rentals (subject to availability) and apply the majority of the rental cost toward a purchase.

Paddle Planet offers stand up paddle board lessons, repair services to make your boat like-new again, consignment services and surfboard & body board rentals. Coming soon to Paddle Planet - Kayaking lessons and tours!

Our "TradeSUP Program" is like no other in the industry. After your Paddle Planet paddle board or Kayak purchase, we extend the opportunity to trade-up for a store credit toward a new Paddle Planet SUP or Kayak (subject to conditions).

For first time paddlers purchasing a Paddle Planet SUP we include a free lesson with purchase of a stand up paddle board.

Beyond the paddle board or Kayak sale we hope to have continual interaction with our clients offering expert advice, ideas and activities to do with the product you purchased.