Our passion is Stand Up Paddleboarding! More specifically Stand Up Paddle Racing and Surfing.  Our staff will get you on the RIGHT board no matter if you're just getting started or if you're a seasoned pro.

Since 2008 our staff has been highly involved in all aspects of the sport of SUP.  Over the years we have ridden and tested just about everything, and with that experience  we can confidently guide you to your next step.

Does your equipment actually make a difference?

100% Absolutely it does!

Standing on a lighter more agile board will allow you to do maneuvers that are impossible on big heavy SUPS.  A lighter board is a lot easier to get on and of the roof rack and down to the beach. A lighter board is less weight you have to pull through the water with each paddle stroke. Basically, quality equipment will get you stoked and keep you excited about paddling. 
Ask about our SUP lessons and demo options!
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